Scale | KBTA-C

The weighing unit is designed and manufactured to weigh granule and powdered product during the continuous flow by batch at high capacity. It is used in flour milling sector, cereal processing and storage plants, cereal trading and cleaning complexes, raw material storage silos, in harbour cereal storage facilities.

Scale | KBTA-C

Application Fields

  • Food industry
  • Flour and semolina mills
  • Feed mills
  • Biscuit and macaroni factories
  • Dry fruit plants
  • Barley plants
  • Tea plants
  • Tobacco plants
  • Other food industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Painting made plants
  • Plastic made plants
  • Deterging made plants
  • Wooden industry
  • Nonferrous product industry
  • Stone and soil industry
  • Cement industry

Features & Advantages

  • High quality
  • High efficiency
  • High extraction
  • High capacity
  • Long life
  • Maximum hygiene
  • Maximum security
  • Maximum simplified using
  • Low periodical maintenance
  • Low delay to change the spares parts
  • Low energy consuption
  • Noiseless
  • Perfection and aesthetic

Working Principle

Pans and covers have a perfect hygienic and hermetic feature and both hold Alapala’s patent. For higher capacities a two pan model scale is available. The weighing process is made by two Load Cells “OFF CENTER” type. All operations and controls are carried on by appropriate PLC programme. Each scale can be connected to the Communication Centre and Extraction Control System both one by one and as a group of scale. Data interchange possibility between Scale, System and Operator. Measuring possibility of flow rate at continuous flow.