Air Recycling Tarar | KTHI

Perfect cleaning and separation of light particles with precise adjustment
It is used to eliminate light particles, foreign materials and dust from cereals and legumes minimum of air consumption.

  • Structure

    1. The machine consists of the following main units:
    2. Butterfly valve with micrometric adjustment of exhausted air flow
    3. Vertical exhaust chamber with wide transparent polycarbonate inspection panel
    4. Transversal section with varying inclination for air speed adjustment and for separation of light particles
    5. Discharge hopper
    6. Insides fans with motor drive units
    7. Inside pre-decantation unit with impurity discharge screw conveyor
    8. Air re-cycling channels
  • Features & Advantages

    1. Low energy consumption and high efficiency
    2. Regular and uniform grain spreading by means of vibrating feeder
    3. Easy and practical cleaning possibility
    4. Minimum and easy periodic maintenance
    5. Connection possibility to the central ventilation system
    6. Perfect cleaning and separation process due to precise adjustment
    7. Pre-decantation allow a better separation
    8. Air flow with increasing and adjustable speed
  • Working Principle

    The uniformly separated product is fed to the aspiration duct by using a vibrating feeder. The product and impurities are separated from each other by means of air in the aspiration duct. The foreign particles and light impurities are carried away to the offal discharge line by air while the cleaned product is directly discharged out. Incorporated fan permits a better separation of the particles, the discharge of the particles due a screw.

  • Application Fields

    1. At food industry
    2. Flour and semolina mills
    3. Corn, barley, rye, oats and similar grain processing plants
    4. Cereals cleaning plants
    5. Vegetable oil factories
    6. Seed plants
    7. Grain storage silos
    8. At other similar industrial plants


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