Ecluse | KEKM

It is used to feed the product regularly and without leaking out into pneumatic conveying pipes at the pneumatic conveying systems.

Ecluse - KEKM
Ecluse - KEKM

Working Principle

The product, which enters on the airlock, flows into chambers, than will be discharged into conveying channels. The chambers are made by fixing wings on rotor shaft. Because of the precise and standard tolerances between the body housing and the rotor wings the pressurized air is prevented from leaking into the product inlet so that high efficiency and proper operation is provided. The system can be used up to 1 - 1.5 bar air pressure. By using special seals, the product is prevented from entering the shaft housing and bearings.

Features & Advantages

  • Occupy less space
  • Easy erection including drive unit and chain coupling in installation group
  • Minimum maintenance
  • High efficiency

Application Fields

  • At food processing industry
  • Flour and semolina mills
  • Feed mills
  • Biscuit and macaroni plants
  • At chemical industry
  • Paint, plastic and detergent plants
  • At wooden industry
  • At soil & quarries industry
  • At cement industry
Ecluse - KEKM