Growing with strong
Worldwide Partnerships

Alapala collaborates with world famous suppliers and manufacturers in order to serve its customers with high-end milling technology for their continuous performance.

Rice Milling in Conjuction with The Satake Corporation. Together with Satake, who are the world leaders in rice processing technology, Alapala provide a comprehensive range of individual machines, integrated systems and totally engineered solutions for the processing of rice.

Alapala with Satake supplies its worldwide customers with state-of-the-art rice milling technologies and innovative research and development approaches for rice milling machinery and turnkey rice mill plants. We have been offering wide range from complete turnkey rice mill solutions to specialized machines for every step.

From cultivated fields to meal tables worldwide, Mill Service helps to turn abundant natural resources into good, healthy and safe food, by grinding grains and other products grown on our lands. Thanks to technological systems for the food industry and modern machinery for mills, many crops are refined into flour, sugar, coffee and salt, producing precious ingredients that have always been essential to our cuisine.

Experience is a valuable ally of nature that improves the quality of our food and maximises the processing cycle for grains and foodstuffs. Every day, with great passion and extreme expertise acquired over time, MS Italia researches and develops the most advanced and innovative technical solutions to improve production processes in the milling sector, design more efficient grinding systems and install high performance machinery, respecting man and the environment, as well as the most stringent international standards.