After Sales Support

After Sales Support

If you are looking for the most efficient operation in your factory you can not find someone better.


Detailed training on the operation and maintenance is provided for each machine Alapala is providing training either in the plant of customers or in Alapala’s facility Traning is provided by expert personnel.


Alapala is providing consultancy services both to its own customers and customers of other manufacturers.

Spare Parts

Quality and effective spare parts management is one of the subjects Alapala gives priority. The main object is to ensure that the plant has minimum down time. Therefore, optimum stock of spare parts is available at any given time with the fastest possible delivery around the world.

After Sales Support

Customer Technical Assistance Center (CTAC)

CTAC: ”Customer Technical Assistance Center” is an application used by our regional agents and our customers. Through CTAC they have up-to-date information about changes, solutions and services.

Product Improvement Programs (PIP)

In case there is a notable functional change or safety increasing development on the product, ALAPALA generally announces a PIP - Product Improvement Program. By applying these programs to machines product quality along with safety are preserved.