Pneumatic Line Diverting Gate | KPKA

It is used to divert the product both for pressurized conveying and for aspirated pneumatic conveying systems.

Pneumatic Line Diverting Gate - KPKA

Application Fields

  • At food Industry
  • Flour, semolina and feed mills
  • Biscuit and pastry plants
  • Nut processing plants
  • Malt factories
  • At chemical industry
  • Paint factories
  • Plastic plants
  • Detergent plants
  • Wooden industry
  • Soil plants & quarries
  • Cement factories
  • At other similar industrial plants

Working Principle

The product, which enters the gate from its inlet, is diverted to any desired direction according to the process by using a piston driven gate.

Features & Advantages

  • The leakage is prevented
  • Body and gate are casted
  • For emergency cases a manual control system is installed
  • Easy to install
  • Minimum maintenance
  • High efficiency
  • Connection possibility to automation system
Pneumatic Line Diverting Gate - KPKA