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It is designed to remove and clean all kinds of light impurities and foreign materials from cereals, coffee seeds, soybeans and corn and so on by means of air circulation.

Alapala Air Canal KHKA Banner
Alapala Air Canal KHKA Banner

Application Fields

  • At food industry
  • Flour mills and semolina mills
  • Corn, barley, rye, oats and similar grain processing plants
  • Cereal cleaning plants
  • Vegetable oil factories
  • Seed cleaning plants
  • Grain storage silos

Features & Advantages

  • Low energy consumption and high efficiency
  • Regular grain spreading by using vibrating feeder
  • Adjustment possibility of regular air supply due to wide duct opening
  • Durability and long lifetime
  • Minimum maintenance, practical and easy cleaning possibility
  • Connection possibility to central ventilation system
  • Installation possibility with or without separator

Working Principle

After the grain is fed through the vibrating feeder it will be transferred to an air canal. The grain is separated uniformly on the surface of the air canal by means of the vibrating feeder. The light impurities are separated from grain by using air and eventually the impurities are discharged to offal conveying line. The air velocity can be adjusted by means of a gate, which is situated at the air the duct outlet. The subjected adjustment can be carried out in accordance with crop quality to be cleaned and the kind of impurities in the crop. By installing air canal (without vibro-motor) directly to the outlet of the TCSI separator the product and foreign materials are separated from each other.

Alapala Air Canal KHKA Banner