Silo Dischanger for Bran | PSKB
Silo Dischanger for Flour | PSUB

It is used to discharge stored bulk bran and similar product from storage bins, concrete, steel and plastics silos and provides smooth operation.

Application Fields

  • At food processing industry
  • Flour and semolina mills
  • Macaroni factories
  • Feed mills
  • At other similar industrial plants

Features & Advantages

  • Cheap and simple silo design
  • Durability and long lifetime
  • Regular and trouble free discharging
  • Easy accessibility to mechanical parts from outside when the silo is filled
  • Minimum height
  • Silent working condition
  • Low energy consumption

Working Principle

By using numbers of articulated brackets freely suspended a pan-like bottom section is oscillated by means of a vibrator. The product flow is regulated by suitable inserts, which are fixed on discharger for an ideal downward flow of the bulk bran, which is stored in the bin.