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To ensure the sustainability of our R&D studies, Alapala Academy, which we established as a center for development, education, and innovation, is opening to the world. Our applied education model, aimed at increasing added value in the industry and ensuring sustainable food supply, is being made available to industry stakeholders around the world through our collaboration with the International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM).

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With our innovation-focused work, we have become one of the leading brands in food processing technologies, having implemented more than 1,000 turnkey projects in over 120 countries. As the importance of food technologies for a sustainable future increases in our world, we are aware of the responsibility that leadership brings and the need to bring qualified employees to our industry.

With this sense of responsibility, we are taking our mission of creating education and development opportunities in our industry even further. As part of our R&D center, we are opening the doors of Alapala Academy, which we established in corum to transfer modern grain milling and food processing solutions to both our employees and customers and provide professional training opportunities, to the whole World.

We have combined Alapala's 70-year experience and innovative power and the IAOM's goal of increasing added value in the industry in the international training program through our strong partners, Sustainable Milling Solutions (SMS) and Ulusoy Un.

Program details;

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Advanced Programs

Special course programs covering principles such as 'Basic Milling', 'Milling Technologies', 'Advanced Milling Systems' prepared through the collaboration of Alapala and IAOM Eurasia.


Hands-On Training Center

Opportunities for hands-on training at Alapala Academy facilities equipped with modern technologies in corum. Possibility to experience new products and production processes on a real factory scale.


Expert Trainers

Trainers consisting of project managers, academics, millers, engineers, chemists, and technicians with over 20 years of experience.