9 January 2019

We, successfully delivered the Flour Mill Production Capacity Expansion Project in OLAM Ghana, leading agricultural company that supplies food and industrial raw materials to 70 countries and more than 22,000 customers worldwide.

In 2011, OLAM Ghana has opened its flour mill with a production capacity of 500 tons/day, which was built with the ALAPALA’s experience In order to meet the increase in demand in Ghana, OLAM has increased its total production capacity to 1.1 tons/day, with 100 tons/day in the first phase and 500 tons/day in the second phase of the project, thanks to the ALAPALA’s expertise.

In addition to the increase in production capacity of the mill, its storage capacity was increased with an additional 40,000 ton silo which was manufactured by ALAPALA.

As ALAPALA, we are proud to add a successful reference to our projects that follow the latest technology, sensitive to the environment which made a difference in the milling industry.