Alapala appoints Bahar Ünal Communication Consultancy as its new PR Agency

11 April 2019

With it s stable, ethical, dynamic and expertise in the public relations sector, Bahar Ünal Communication Consultancy has signed agreement with Alapala, one of the world’s leading milling manufacturers.

Since its foundation, Bahar Ünal Communication Consultancy, always approaching with the new vision to the public relations sector, and with its strong staff is expanding its customer base with the new respected customers.

As of March, Bahar Ünal Communication Consultancy will be responsible for the Public relations of Alapala, a company that has established over 600 turnkey factories in over 100 countries in 4 continents from Europe to the US with its 65 years of experience.

Bahar Ünal Communication will provide Alapala with services in all areas of communication, reputation and sponsorship management and media relations.

About Bahar Ünal Communication Consultancy

Bahar Ünal Communication Consultancy is a communication consultancy firm that has set the road to introduce new ways to the public relations sector in Turkey, a developing and growing country, with employees working and taking firm steps forward with the same excitement and belief.

Offering “tailor-made” communication services with an innovative approach apart from traditional approaches in public relations, Bahar Ünal Communication Consultancy has always adopted the principle of pursuing solution-oriented strategies by creating teams specific to the needs. In addition, the company offers H2H (Human to Human) communication model, which was initially known as the human-oriented marketing in Turkey, instead of B2B (Business to Business) model which has lost its importance in the global communications and marketing world.

Adopting the ethical principles of Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and defining its working style with a service approach at global standards, Bahar Ünal Communication Consultancy carries the story of your brand to the future and defines creative communication strategies specific to your brand.

Bahar Ünal Communication Consultancy is the first Public Relations firm that signed the WEPs, which were created under partnership between the UN Global Compact and the UN Women.