Vertical Rice Whitener VBF

Vertical Rice Whitener VBF


Higher milling yield and fewer brokens

The “state of the art” milling chamber produces evenly milled rice using very low pressure, thus producing higher yields with fewer brokens while still effectively removing bran streaks.

Vertical design

The vertical milling chamber allows grains to be milled evenly. The vertical design is also more power efficient than a horizontal design, while minimizing the required floor space and installation cost.

Easy maintenance

The screens and two-piece milling roll are easily removed from the side of the machine.

Water mist operation (optional)

The use of a water mist in the milling chamber softens the bran layers for more efficient removal. This unique milling action produces effective bran removal with minimum increase in rice temperature.

Allowance for plant layout

The model is available in four types with the inlet and outlet on the different sides. This allows a flexible plant layout minimizing conveying requirements.