Scan Master II DE

The ScanMaster is the leading model for sorting granular products such as tree nuts, peanuts, seedcorn, pulses, coff ee, in-shell sunfl ower and much more. Available with CCD or Infrared detectors the reliable ScanMaster II can work in a range of wavelengths both monochromatically and bichromatically. The ScanMaster is designed for industrial use with stainless steel contact parts and a unique closed loop cooling system within the frame. With 16 cameras in our largest units and 360 degree viewing it guarantees an eff ective sort. Access is available remotely via a secure internet connection, allowing you the fl exibility to monitor your machines from a remote location.

Scan Master II DE


High Quality Sorting

The ScanMaster DE using advanced sensing detectors presents an entirely new approach to the old problem of foreign material removal. These new unique sensors which combine conventional visible sorting with the newer Infrared sorting technology are patented by Satake USA Inc. The ScanMaster DE we offer is equipped with the latest development of duplex cameras viewing from front and rear. With two cameras per 100mm of product covering 360° viewing, the user will be able to remove the defects to give a very high quality final product.
The ScanMaster DE is ideally suited to all types of tree nuts, peanuts, beans, sunflowers, seeds, rice and cereal grains. Typical foreign material contaminants removed include fragments of the shell and hull, stones, glass, sticks, in addition to discolored, damaged and moldy product.

Product Specifications

  • High-resolution CCD cameras for monochromatic sorting (light or dark or simultaneous sorting)
  • Patented InGas cameras that combine visible and Infrared sorting technologies
  • Real time interface to provide sorting information to your plant data system.
  • Multilingual Touch screen and 100 programs for quick product changeover
  • Graphic display of ejector operations to promote a higher quality yield
  • Diagnostic display, maintenance log and run time statistics
  • Satake-Everywhere: secure, web based remote administration and support system



Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Seed Corn, Coff ee, Sunfl ower, Beans, Seeds, Cereals


Discoloured, Mouldy Product, Foreign Material (Stones, Glass, Sticks, Chalk, Mud etc)


Food factories, Mills, Snack producers


IE Monochromatic Technology,
DE InGaAs Technology


1, 2, 4 or 8 chute machine

Scan Master II DE