• Features

    Optimum rice milling across many varieties and applications
    This unit uses a proprietary rice milling system based on a combination of abrasion and two types of friction. Milling degrees can be changed to deliver optimum rice milling performance across many varieties and applications. High milling yield and low temperature rice milling are key features of this rice milling system.

    Effective residue removal for clean, high quality rice

    Rice remaining inside the machine can be discharged at the push of a button, without disassembling the machine. The fully automatic model automatically discharges any rice remaining inside the machine or bucket elevator when rice milling finishes. This feature also prevents contamination when changing materials.

    Automatic controls enable unattended operation
    The machine can operate unattended by measuring whiteness after milling and controlling load with automatic weights. A constant on-site monitor is not necessary.

    Easy bran removal creates good taste and appearance

    Adding mist to the final rice milling process removes isolated bran from the rice surface to create good taste and appearance. Wastewater treatment is not necessary because only a small quantity of water is used.


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