Win-Win-Win Through Energy Saving 

Energy Saving Studies and Analysis on Air Compressors

With the 3rd of its webinar series, Alapala is taking you on an energy-saving program to reduce manufacturing costs while saving the world.

Our energy resources are decreasing, the population is increasing rapidly and the production costs are increasing day by day.
Did you know that the earth need 7.6 acres of forest for the carbon footprint caused by 1 kWh of energy consumption in a year?

As Alapala, we care about the concept of win-win-win instead of win-win. If energy consumption is reduced, the customer wins, the manufacturer wins, and the earth wins.

Join our webinar to have insights on VFD's energy savings on air compressors;

  • Air compressor selection,
  • Benefits of VFD devices,
  • Air compressor w/VFD and w/o VFD energy consumption analysis.


Burak Yaşar

Senior Lean Manufacturing Specialist at Alapala

Burak Yaşar studied material science and engineering at Afyon Kocatepe University,Turkey.

He started his career in a Spanish ceramic raw material manufacturing company. Following that experience, he moved to the United States and worked as a mechanical engineer for 3 years.

Currently he serves as the senior lean manufacturing specialist at Alapala. As well as reducing manufacturing costs, research and development on energy analysis and MEP engineering are among his professional interests.


Subject: Win-Win-Win Through Energy Saving
Energy Saving Studies and Analysis on Air Compressors
Date: September 28, 2021
Time: 8 am (GMT) & 3 pm (GMT)
Presenter: Burak YAŞAR, Alapala Senior Lean
Manufacturing Specialist.
Language: English

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