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The Milling Industry in Mongolia went through a major restructuring and investment period and Mill Project made a remarkable investment in Mongolia to serve the potential customers with high quality flours. Mill Project will also serve the millers with new machinery and new wheat silos storage for continuous training of millers and technicians. Mill Project is a private business that is devoted to produce the freshest and most flavorful flours under the brand name of Altan Guril. All flour production is performed according to country standard even as an international standard and controlled by fully automated systems. Altan Guril from Mill Project is one of the remarkable flour producers in Mongolia. With this flour factory, Mill Project will serve the millers in Mongolia with a training program. Thus, people will be able to have high quality flours from all producers. The factory has a daily capacity of 100 Tons of local and low quantity of export wheat. In 2017, as a modest mill capable of milling 100 Tons of wheat per day, it is now one of the most modern and reference mill used also training purposes in Mongolia. The brand, Altan Guril, will be a well-known brand among the customers in Mongolia, thanks to high quality of 3 types of flours. These flours will be used mostly for making bread. Mill Project has the best equipment and machines as of today, and Mill Project focuses on quality in every constructive way.

Office: Room # 304, Kyoksyush Tower Building, 6th Khoroo, Bayangol District Ulaanbatar / Mongolia
Tel: +976 70 17 00 63

We offer you

·      3 types of flours and brans with special production based on customer demand.
·      Consultation wherever you are in Mongolia and neighboring countries.
·      Product developments assistance with our expertise based on your unique requirements.
·      Training for your mill employees to equip them with technical skills to perfect your flours.

Range of Flours

Our range of flours has been specially developed and produced to meet the needs of bakeries, supermarkets and manufacturers.

Mill Project Wheat Flour Products


  1. Optimum water absorption and higher yield.
  2. Suitable for both fast and slow mixing. Optimize the production process.
  3. Optimize the color and texture of the crumb and the crust.
  4. Extend the fresh-keeping.

Packaging: 5kg – 10 kg – 25kg – 50kg Bags


  1. Optimal water absorption and higher yeild.
  2. A little dark flour .
  3. Gives ethereal aroma, texture and flavor.
  4. Extend the fresh-keeping.

Packaging: 5kg – 10 kg – 25kg – 50kg Bags


  1. Optimal water absorption and higher yeild.
  2. Suitable for all intended used.
  3. The high-quality protein and gluten result in a consistent long-rise dough.
  4. Homogeneous and smooth dough
  5. Extend the fresh-keeping.
  6. Optimize the color and texture of the crumb and the crust

Packaging: 5kg – 10 kg – 25kg – 50kg Bags


  1. Wheat Bran is a valuable, fiber-boosting enhancement to cereals and variety breads.
  2. Optimal water absorption, and easy for kneading.
  3. Excellent source of fiber, and provides a healthy full-bodied texture when added to baked goods
  4. Rich source of Vitamin B.

Packaging: 25kg Bags

We constantly produce top quality flours that meet satisfaction of all customers with our high-quality machines and highly skilled personnel.

R & D Thanks to the expertise of our technical staff, laboratory analysts and flour experts, we are capable to meet the demands of Mongolian market and fulfill the needs of our customers accordingly.

Altan Guril Quality Guarantee When the customers buy Altan Guril flours, they are assured of quality with fully automated production process in all stages. From milling to delivery, we are committed to international health and safety standards.



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